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    The significance of the expression of galectin-3 in the pathogenesis of primary biliary cholangitis in mice [1]
    The significance of the hemagglutination inhibition test of saliva and Lewis phenotype in the study of association between secretory status and seronegative spondyloarthropathies. [1]
    The significance of the static and dynamic model of plantar pressure measurement in the diagnosis of diabetic foot [1]
    The significance of vascular endothelial growth factor and bone morphogenetic protein-2 in reparative abilities of healthy and diabetic dental pulp [1]
    The simulation of the particles movement during transport in the static mixer and modified screw conveyor using discrete element method [1]
    The social interaction of students with developmental disabilities in primary schools [1]
    The social roots of political upheavals in Arab countries at the beginning of the 21st century [1]
    The social theory of language and stylistic forms of Serbian popular music in the late XXth century [1]
    The spatial patterns of brownfield locations in function of urban regeneration-case study Banjaluka [1]
    The Spatial Position of the East Vardar Ophiolite eGeophysical-Geological Model and Implications on Its Geodynamic Evolution [1]
    The standardization procedure parole as a protection measure of recidivism [1]
    The state of health of the pig meat breeds of mangulets and molasses between the race of mangulets and durok [1]
    The state of oral health in children with diabetess mellitus type 1 in Montenegro [1]
    The status of common sense in contemporary social theory: toward a pragmatic reconceptualization of the relationship between theory and practice [1]
    The status of explanation in debate of scientific status of sociocultural anthropology [1]
    The status of lyrical subject in South Slavic literature (1970-1980) ; Статус лирического субъекта в южнославянских литературах (1970-1980гг) [1]
    The status of public agencies in the system of separation of powers [1]
    The strategy of marketing channel development in agribusiness of the Republic of Serbia [1]
    The strong formulation of the finite elemet method for quasi-static analysis of transmission lines [1]
    The structural relaxation effect on functional properties of Fe - based amorphous alloys [1]