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    Serbia and the Kingdom of Ungary between 1402 and 1460 [1]
    Serbia, Bulgaria and Tatars in the second half of the thirteenth century [1]
    Serbian Economy Foreign Trade Imbalance as Development Limitation [1]
    Serbian elite from Bosnia and Herzegovina in political life of the Kingdom of SHS/Jugoslavia (1918-1941) [1]
    Serbian foreign trade financing [1]
    Serbian humorous-satirical journals at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century [1]
    Serbian icon painting in the age of restored Patriarchat of Peć 1557-1690 [1]
    Serbian intellectual elite and the Kosovo issue : 1974-1989 [1]
    Serbian linguistic terminology i the 19th century [1]
    Serbian memorial architecture 1918-1955 [1]
    Serbian native speakers' acquisition of verb patterns in English language [1]
    Serbian Novel for Children at the Beginning ofthe 21st Century in the Light of Literary Prizes(2001-2010) [1]
    Serbian orthodox church in Serbian despotate (1402-1459) [1]
    Serbian Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and Moscow Patriarchate: (1920-1940: mutual bonds, influences and relations [1]
    Serbian patriarch Dimitrije Pavlovich [1]
    Serbian political tradition in work of Slobodan Jovanovic [1]
    Serbian politicians in Hungary proper, supporters of the Hungarian government: (1867-1905) [1]
    Serbian reading rooms in Vojvodina until 1918 [1]
    Serbian Secondary Schools in the Ottoman Empire(1878-1912) [1]
    Serbian spring-summer ritual poems; Весенне-летние обрядовые песни у сербов [1]