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    The outcome of surgical treatment for pancreatic head carcinoma in relation to the extent of lymphadenectomy [1]
    The Patriarchal Library of the Serbian Orthodox Church ; Библиотека Сербской Патриархии 1706-2006 [1]
    The pencils of curves of the third and fourth order obtained by mapping the pencils of conics [1]
    The Performance of Tour Guide as a Factor for Tourist Satisfaction in Cultural Tourism [1]
    The phytochemical composition, healing potential and sensory characteristics of cultivars of Brassica oleracea L. i Brassica rapa L. species (Brassicaceae) from organic and conventional cropping systems [1]
    The poetic of Goran Petrović's prose [1]
    The poetics of Momčilo Nastasijević's prose writings [1]
    The Poetics of Postmodernismin the dramas of Aleksandra Popovic(literary procedures, the deconstruction of the basic patterns, a new reading of the tradition) [1]
    The poetics of Sarah Kanes dramatic works in the context of in-yer-face theatre [1]
    The poetics of Živojin Pavlović's narratives [1]
    The political consequences of migration caused by ecological disasters [1]
    The political role of army ministers of the Kingdom of Serbia from 1903 to 1914. [1]
    The political thought of the German romanticism [1]
    The polymorphisms of TNFA, IL10, IL12B, IL23R and MDR1 genes in inflammatory bowel disease. [1]
    The polysemy of Serbian lexis in The dictionary of the Serbian Academy ; Многозначность сербской лексике на материале словаря сербской академии наук и исскуств [1]
    The possibilities and limitations of the inclusion of children with developmental difficulties in regular primary schools [1]
    The possibilities for application of energy from agricultural biomass pyrolysis [1]
    The Possibilities for improvement of urban form resilience to climate change [1]
    The possibilities for improving the protection and preservation of Serbian national heritage in the region of Metohija at the beginning of the 21st century [1]