Приказ резултата 11416-11435 од 14056

    Wall paintings of the church of the Virgin Hodegetria in Peć [1]
    War and national identity of Serbs in the Republic of Srpska and B&H [1]
    War crimes in Kosovo and Metohija 1941-1945. year [1]
    Waste Management Model Based on Principles of Reduction of the Negative Impact on Environment and Economic Sustainability [1]
    Water excess and water deficit risk assessment in landreclamation area [1]
    Water physical properties of calcic chernozem invegetable production under irrigation [1]
    Water well ageing in alluvial sediments of different oxic conditions [1]
    Watering regime influence on characteristics of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) habitats in Ravni Srem [1]
    Wavelet based method for edge detection of defect on coated board during production proccess [1]
    Ways of conceptualizing class dialogue [1]
    Weapons and warrior equipment in the cultures of the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age on the territories of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania [1]
    Wear and failure resistance of repair surface welded crane wheels. [1]
    Welfare quality assessment on diary farms [1]
    Wide genetic approach of the wild boar (Sus Scrofa Linnaeus, 1758) population structure and phylogeography [1]
    Wind Erosion Quantification Process in DeliblatoSands [1]
    Wireless Sensor Network Node with Energy Harvesting for Monitoring of Environmental Parameters [1]
    Womans literature in magazine Misao The Thought(1919-1937) [1]
    Women in police profession: their vertical mobility and integration - the case study of the Belgrade ity police department of the Ministry of interior of the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Women's movement in post-Dayton B&H: initiatives, achievements and controversies [1]
    Women's political rights in Serbia in the second half of the 20th century [1]