Приказ резултата 3863-3882 од 10490

    Machine learning in intelligent robotic system [1]
    Machine learning in wireless sensor networks [1]
    Machine learning of inteligent mobile robot based on arti ficial neural networks [1]
    Macro structural and micro structural changes of a cerebrum as a consequence of a chronic stress influence [1]
    Macromorphological characteristics of Salvia amplexicaulis Lam., S. jurisicii Košanin and S. ringens Sibth. & Sm. (Lamiaceae), chemical composition and biological activity of their essential oils and extracts [1]
    Magnetic relaxation and memory effects in interacting nanoparticle manganites and iron oxides [1]
    Magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion-weighted imaging in rectal cancer response evaluation to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy [1]
    Magnetism in oxide nanomaterials [1]
    Magnetizam u oksidnim nanomaterijalima [1]
    Magnetna rezonancija dojki : morfološki i kinetički parametri u proceni odgovora karcinoma dojke na neoadjuvantnu hemioterapiju [1]
    Magnetna svojstva sintetisanih nanočestica različitih morfologija kvantifikovanih primenom deskriptora oblika [1]
    Magnetne relaksacije i memorijski efekti u interagujućim nanočestičnim manganitima i oksidima gvožđa [1]
    Magnetnorezonantna sekvenca difuzionog kretanja u proceni metastatske invazije limfnih čvorova kod malignih tumora ženskih polnih organa [1]
    Majke hronično ometene dece: prihvatanje dijagnoze i prevladavanje stresa [1]
    Malignancy predictors for patients with oxyphile tumors of the thyroid gland [1]
    Malocclusion frequency in the prehistoric, medieval and modern man [1]
    Managament of recycables from municipal solid waste [1]
    Management consulting as support to growth and development of small and medium enterprises [1]
    Management in bankruptcy proceedings of companies in Serbia [1]
    Management in organizations for adult education - conceptual and operational models [1]