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    Facial Soft-tissue Structure Changes After Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusions [1]
    Facing history : French memoirs abouth the 1789-1799 Revolution [1]
    Factor analysis and association of lipid, inflammatory, cardiac and renal biomarkers with creactive protein in cardiovascular risk categorization [1]
    Factoring bivariate polynomials with integer coefficients via Newton polygon and its application in decoding of some classes of Reed – Solomon codes [1]
    Factors affecting benzodiazepines elimination, clinical presentation and outcome in elderly people acutely poisoned with benzodiazepines [1]
    Factors affecting blood pressure in people diagnosed with hypertension in primary health care [1]
    Factors affecting early results after elective open repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms [1]
    Factors and structure of the youth political culture in Serbia - the socio-psychological approach [1]
    Factors of development of students entrepreneurial potentials [1]
    Factors of genesis of the torrential floods in Serbia [1]
    Factors of management of the karate club [1]
    Factors of progress in reading literacy test : views about knowledge and characteristics of school context:doctoral dissertation [1]
    Factors of water quality degradation in shallow Pannonian lakes and their contribution to ecological risk. [1]
    Factors that influence quality of life in elderly patients with chronic heart failure [1]
    Factors that influence the occurrence of developmental disorders in infants with hip breech presentation [1]
    Facts that exclude unlawfulness in a medical treatmant and their mutual relations [1]
    Failure diagnostics and remaining lifeprediction of ethylene furnace tube [1]
    Faktori koji utiču na intrahospitalni mortalitet kod pacijenta sa akutnom disekcijom aorte tip III [1]
    Faktori koji utiču na ishod lečenja heroinskih zavisnika programom naltreksona i psihoterapije [1]
    Faktori koji utiču na kvalitet života pacijenata posle hirurških intervencija u opštoj anesteziji [1]