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    L'oeuvre dramatique de Ljubomir Simovic dans le contexte de la litterature serbe moderne ; Ljubomir Simović's plays in the context of contemporary Serbian literature ; Драматическое дело Любомира Симовича в контексте савременной сербской литературы [1]
    La ironía como medio de argumentación lingüística en la obra ensayística de Octavio Paz [1]
    La protection des minorités [1]
    Labor disputes related to collective dismissal of employees and methods for dispute resolution [1]
    Labor market and social exclusion - comparative analysis of the BIH, Serbian and Croatian examples [1]
    Labour and social courts - their role and justification for introducing such courts in the Serbian judicial system [1]
    Lamotrigine pharmacokinetic variability in children and adolescents on combination therapy for the treatment of epilepsy [1]
    Land use changes and land ownership changes from the spatial planning aspect [1]
    Landmarks and focal points as elements of the physical structure of settlements in Vojvodina [1]
    Landscape planning as an instrument of spatial development of Serbia [1]
    Landscape scale study of diversity and interaction in cereal aphids - parasitoids system (Homoptera; Hymenoptera) [1]
    Landscape-ecology analysis of aphids and their natural enemies in agroecosystems: diversity, biological control and taxonomic status of parasitoids [1]
    Language abilities of dyslexic children [1]
    Language and literature of Roma within translation in the Western Balkans : poetry in self-translation [1]
    Language ideologies in the female Brazilian diaspora in Serbia: interdisciplinary perspective ; Языковые идеологии в женской бразильской диаспоре в Сербии: междисциплинарная перспектива [1]
    Language innovations of contemporary architecture from artistic practice and kineticism to kinetic archisculpture [1]
    Language of Turkish Sultans' correspondence to Dubrovnik [1]
    Language policy and terminology in professional domains of language use in standard Spanish and Serbian languages; Языковая политика и терминология в профессиональной сфере языкового употребления в стандартных испанском и сербском языках [1]
    Language properties of Italian postmodern internet advertising; Языковые особености италиянского постмодернистского рекламирования на интернете [1]
    Language, gender, difference: the construction/deconstruction of identity in (post)feminist theory [1]