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    Hajdegerovo aletiološko tumačenje umetnosti [1]
    Handwritten paper "Our days" (1942-1945) : studies and bibliography ; Рукописная газета "Наши дни" (1942-1945) : исследование и библиография ; Die Handschriftliche Zeitschrift "Unsere Tage" (1942-1945) : Studie und Bibliographie [1]
    Hantingtonovo shvatanje čoveka i društva [1]
    Haptoglobin, macroscopic and bacterial indicators of the risk for meat safety at abattoir [1]
    Haptoglobin, makroskopski i bakteriološki indikatori rizika po bezbednost mesa na klanici [1]
    Hardverska akceleracija neinkrementalnih algoritama za formiranje stabala odluke i njihovih ansambala [1]
    Hardverska realizacija jednoprolaznog brzog kodeka sa visokim stepenom kompresije i minimalnim zahtevanim resursima [1]
    Hardware Acceleration of Nonincremental Algorithms for the Induction of Decision Trees and Decision Tree Ensembles [1]
    Hardware realization of one pass fast codec with a high compression ratio and minimal required resources [1]
    Harmonic and quasiconformal mappings, quasi - isometries and the curvature [1]
    Harmonika u narodnoj i školskoj praksi: fenomenologija i pedagoški aspekti [1]
    Harmonization of social inclusion policies of Roma in the EU accession process of Serbia [1]
    Harmonization of the regulations of the Republic of Serbia with the regulations of the European Union in the field of energy and environmental protection [1]
    Hate crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
    Health and safety at work with a particular emphasis on protecting ratione personae [1]
    Heart rate variation and DNA damage in haemocytes of the mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis L. as biomarkers of marine pollution [1]
    Heat transfer enhancement in the thermal energy storage filled by phase change material [1]
    Heating energy consumption optimization of multifamily residential building sector of the city using energy model [1]
    Heavy metals in human material as a result of environmental pollution [1]
    Heavy metals removal from aqueous solution by biosorbent based on apricot stones waste biomass. [1]