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    Da li skale laganja mere laganje ili supstantivne dimenzije ličnosti [1]
    Daljinsko učenje u mehatronici zasnovano na primeni virtuelnih i realnih didaktičkih sistema [1]
    Damage and fracture resistance of titanium based alloys for medical application [1]
    Damage detection and localization for civil structural health monitoring [1]
    Damages for breach of contract for international sale of goods [1]
    Danube as a transport artery and axis ofdevelopment in the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Danube in the Yugoslav politics toward Soviet Union : (1944-1953) [1]
    Data base projecting in the field of education computer software [1]
    Data Mining and optimization of mathematical models in biomedical engineering [1]
    Data mining methods in evaluation of intra-hospital outcome of patients with acute myocardial infarction treated with primary percutaneous coronary intervention [1]
    Data mining on protein sequences: n-gram analysis of ordered and disordered protein regions [1]
    Data protection in e-government in the Republic of Serbia : legal aspects [1]
    Days of the week in the folklore of the South Slavs and the East Slavs ; Дни недели в фольклоре южных и восточных славян [1]
    Decision making in uncertainty situations: correlates of success on the gambling task [1]
    Decision support algorithms for sectorization of water distribution networks [1]
    Decomposition of neural activity: model for empirical characterization of inter-spike intervals [1]
    Decorative forms of traditional vernacular architecture in Stara planina region. [1]
    Defence diplomacy in contemporary international relations [1]
    Deficit fonološke svesnosti kod dece sa disleksijom i disortografijom [1]
    Defining and Assessment of Criteria for Traffic Accessibility Impact onDevelopment of Suburb Areas [1]