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    Đorđe Stratimirović in the Revolution and Warof 1848-1849 [1]
    Đorđe Stratimirović u revoluciji i ratu 1848–1849. [1]
    Ω-Algebarski sistemi [1]
    Ω-Algebraic Structures [1]
    А critique of the operationalization of the ambivalent sexism concept - example of Мontenegro [1]
    А game-based model of learning logistics [1]
    А hybrid system for flow control in high-speed wind tunnels [1]
    А methodolocical function of Novi Pazar area songs in teaching primary music literacy of lower grades of a primary school [1]
    Аctions of a stored granular material on reinforced concrete cylindrical silo cells [1]
    Аnalysis and estimation of seismic performance of gird reinforced concrete bridges [1]
    Аnalysis of energy dissipation in the impact problems of two or more bodies [1]
    Аnalysis of the effectiveness and tolerability of platelet transfusions in patients one month to 18 years aged [1]
    Аnti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies - importance for the diagnosis and the activity assessment of systemic and drug-induced lupus erythematosus [1]
    Аnаlizа mеtоdа zа zаštitu vеtrоеlеktrаnа оd dirеktnоg аtmоsfеrskоg prаžnjеnjа [1]
    Аpplication of recent climate classifications for the climate regionalization of Serbia [1]
    Аpplication of the method of analyzing document contents in political sciences research [1]
    Аpplication of zinc in maize production and hybrids efficiency in grain zinc accumulation [1]
    Аграрна политика у Југославији : (1945-1953) [1]
    Агропрехрамбена сигурност Србије са посебним освртом на значај и могућности интензивног развоја говедарства и млекарства [1]
    Адаптивна оптимизација инспирисана ветром и алгоритам роја ноћних лептира у решавању проблема економичне расподеле снага генератора [1]